Free parking
Please park on the upper parking deck adjacent to the Commerce Plaza Bldg, access from N Candler St.
Exam and X-rays for $100
(For cash patient only)

Dental exam and all necessary x-rays

Cleaning and fluoride
for $100

(Cannot be combined with insurance.)

Some exceptions apply.
Offer does not include periodontal scaling or debridement cleanings. 


Military Discount 20%
(Cannot be combined with insurance.)

Senior Citizens
60 years and over get free exam and free x-rays 
3 years and younger get free exam and cleaning 
Whitening for Life Program

When you have your teeth whiten at Perfecting Smiles you can continue to receive whitening products from our office at no cost on your future dental visits.
Our whitening options are:
 take home custom bleaching trays for $250
in-office whitening w/take home bleaching trays for $500

(and we guarantee our results)